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To promote health and wellness, inspire others to overcome their own obstacles and

create autoimmune awareness in the community and around the globe.



LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS will be the primary resource to which the community refers people

touched by autoimmune diseases. Our campus will provide a collection of programs

that educate, empower and inspire patients, their families and healthcare professionals

with hope, courage and strength to LIVEFIT.


LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS is a non-profit, 501c3 organization founded in 2013 to

educate, empower and create autoimmune awareness.  We currently offer programs

that include nutritional counseling, exercise education from youth to seniors,

specialty physician resources, beauty wellness, psychological and emotional support. 

Our future goal is to host a patient education, outreach center in the Quad-Cities.


We have various fundraising events take place throughout the year!  


  • SUMMER (3rd Saturday in August):  LIVEFIT Golf Outing @ Palmer Hills Golf Course

  • FALL (2nd Saturday in October): QC'S TALENT/DANCE event @ Rhythm City Casino 

Our Founder

Lisa Lynn Eveleth, Founder & CEO

Lisa Lynn Eveleth is the Founder and CEO of LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS and an autoimmune patient.   When Lisa was a child, various symptoms presented themselves which led to a battery of hospitalizations, medications and surgeries.  Lisa Lynn was first diagnosed with ITP.  Then later, Lupus attacked her kidneys, lungs, skin, heart and brain resulting in seizures, kidney failure and bouts of existence in a wheel chair.  Lisa Lynn was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, with factors of Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Scleraderma and Sjogren's in 2016. In realization, she couldn't imagine a future that wasn't dictated by her disease. But rather than give up, she began educating herself about ITP,  Lupus and all autoimmune diseases. 

The more she read, the more she began to understand the devastating effects and the full impact of autoimmune disease.  It was at that point she recognized she could let the disease destroy her, define her or develop her.  She decided to make a life long commitment to her health, fitness and wellness.  As someone who has struggled the majority of her life with a serious illness, she is proud to say her body can meet the challenges set before it.  She is able to compete in fitness competitions, work as a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor.  For Lisa, the word "fitness" extends far beyond physical appearance or athletic ability.  For Lisa, "fitness" means health.

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